Number Product Unit / Size
02AU01 Hazelnut (Filbert) Wafers 12/2-1/8 oz
02AU02 Chocolate Wafers 12/2-1/8 oz
02AU03 Vanilla Wafers 12/2-1/8 oz
02AU05 Lemon/Lime Wafers 12/2-1/8 oz
02AU07 Mignon Chocolate Covered Wafers 12/2-1/4 oz
02AU20 Hazelnut Wafers 10/14 oz
02AU21 Mignon Milk Choc. Covered Wafers 10/14 oz
02AU22 Mignon Dark Choc. Covered Wafers 10/14 oz
02AU23 Apricot Wafers 10/7 oz
02AU24 Milk-Vanilla Wafers 10/7 oz
02AU25 Vienna Coffee Cream Wafers 10/7 oz
02AU50 Hazelnut Wafers 24/2.29 oz
02AU55 Hazelnut Wafers, Bag 1014 oz
02AU56 Mignon Wafers, Bag 10/12.3 oz
02AU58 Mignon Wafers, Bag 21/5.3 oz
02EN02 Carr's Assorted Biscuits for Cheese 12/7 oz
02EN03 Carr's Table Wafers w/Sesame 12/4.25 oz
02EN04 Carr's Bite Size Table Wafers 12/4.25 oz
02FI01 Finncrisp, Dark-Thin, Red Box 9/7 oz
02FI02 Finncrisp, w/Caraway, Red/Yellow Box 9/7 oz
02FI03 Finncrisp, Multigrain 9/6.1 oz
02FI05 Finncrisp, Multigrain, Round 12/8.8 oz
02FI06 Finncrisp, Sesame, Round 12/8.8 oz
02GE01 Christmas Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/17.6 oz
02GE02 Christmas Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/26.4 oz
02GE02X Mini Marzipan Stollen, Cellophane 20/7 oz
02GE03 Marzipan Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/26.4 oz
02GE03A Marzipan Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/17.6 oz
02GE03B Christstollen w/Marzipan, Gift Box 15/17.5 oz
02GE03C Christstollen w/Marzipan, Gift Box 12/26.4 oz
02GE03X Mini Butter Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 20/7 oz
02GE04 Butter Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/26.4 oz
02GE04A Butter Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/17.6 oz
02GE04B Rum Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 14/17.6 oz
02GE04X Mini Rum Stollen, Cellophane Wrap 20/7 oz
02GE05 KARLSBADER Oblaten 24/4.4 oz
02GE07 WETZEL Cake Layers, Round 12/4.4 oz
02GE08 WETZEL Cake Layers, Square 12/4.4 oz
02GE77 Marzipan Stollen, Cellophane Wrap #791 14/21.1 oz
02GE77A Rum Stollen, Cellophane Wrap #792 14/21.1 oz
02GE77B Butter Stollen, Cellophane Wrap #790 14/21.1 oz
02GE77X Mini Rum Stollen, Cellophane Wrap #793 20/7 oz
02GE77Y Mini Marzipan Stollen, Cellophane #755 20/7 oz
02GE77Z Mini Butter Stollen, Cellophane #756 20/7 oz
02GE78 Marzipan Stollen, Box 8/26.4 oz
02GE78A Butter Almond Stollen, Box 8/26.4 oz
02GE79 Christmas Stollen, Cellophane Wrap #778 10/17.5 oz
02GE79A Marzipan-Cherry Rum, Box 8/28.5 oz
02GE79B Marzipan-Cranberry Stollen, Celloph. 10/17.5 oz
02GE04D Genuine Dresdner Stollen (Seasonal) 8/2.2 lbs
02GE04E Genuine Dresdner Stollen (Seasonal) 5/17.5 oz
02GE09 Russian Bread (Cookies), Bag 15/3.5 oz
02GE09A Russian Bread (Cookies), ABC Box 7/4.4 oz
02GE09B Anisette Cookies, Bag 12/4 oz
02GE09C Dresdner Dominosteine 30/4.4 oz
02GE09D Dresdner Dominosteine 14/8.8 oz
02GE09E Dresdner Lebkuchen 14/6.2 oz
02GE09F Dresdner Baumkuchen-Spitzen 14/4.9 oz
02GE09G Dinkelchen (Cookies) 21/3 oz
02GE09H Dresd.Marzipan Konfekt (Stars/Hearts) 14/5.3 oz
02GE09I Herren Konfekt w/Rum Layers 14/7.1 oz
02GE10A Neukircher Zwieback (Crispbread) 24/225 gr
02GE11 Brandt Zwieback (Crispbread) 20/8 oz
02GE11A Schluender Pumpernickel/Rye Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE11B Schluender Sunflower/Linseed Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE12 Ruhrtaler Rye Bread 11/8.8 oz
02GE13 Bavarian Rye Bread 6/17.5 oz
02GE14 Schluender Graham Bread 9/17.6 oz
02GE14A Schluender Wheat Germ Bread 9/17.6 oz
02GE15 Ruhrtaler Rye Bread Dark 6/17.5 oz
02GE16 Schluender Pumpernickel Bread 11/8.8 oz
02GE17 German Pumpernickel Bread 6/17.5 oz
02GE18 PRUNTE Farmers Bread "Landbrot" 8/17.5 oz
02GE19 Schluender Pumpernickel, Round 12/8.8 oz
02GE20 PRUNTE Westph.Vollkorn Rye Twin Pack 12/17.5 oz
02GE21 PRUNTE Linseed Bread 8/17.5 oz
02GE22 PRUNTE Sunflower Seed Bread Twin Pack 12/17.5 oz
02GE24 PRUNTE Schwarzbrot, "Pumpernickel" 15/17.6 oz
02GE26 RUHRTALER Whole Grain Rye Bread 15/17.6 oz
02GE25A German Sponge Cake Regular 12/6.8 oz
02GE25C Schluender Waffles 12/8.8 oz
02GE23A Lebkuchen Gingerbread, Package 21/7 oz
02GE23B Nurnberg Allerlei (Gingerbr. Cookies) Bag 20/7 oz
02GE23C Nurnberg Gingerbread, Fancy Tin 12/7 oz
02GE23D Gingerbread House "Do It Yourself" 6/1000 gr
02GE23E Elisen Gingerbread, Package 21/200 gr
02GE23F Elisen Gingerbread, Tin 12/250 gr
02GE23G Elisen Gingerbread, Hexagonal Box 9/250 gr
02GE23H Elisen Gingerbread, Bag with Bow 12/250 gr
02GE23I Gingerbread/Oblatenlebkuchen, Box 12/600 gr
02GE23P Nuernberger Gewuerzplaetzchen 20/7 oz
02GE23R Big Fest Brez'n (Choc. Covered) 9/300 gr
02GE68 Schoko-Lebkuchen, Box 12/17.5 oz
02GE27 Pumpernickel 12/8.8 oz
02GE28 Rye Bread 12/8.8 oz
02GE29 5-Grain Bread 12/8.8 oz
02GE30A Sunflower Bread 12/8.8 oz
02GE31 Cocktail Pumpernickel Rounds 12/8.8 oz
02GE31A Bread Basket (Assortment) 12x10x50 gr
02GE32 Muesli Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE32A Sunflower Seed Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE32B Pumpernickel Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE32C Whole Rye Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE32D Linseed Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE32E 5-Grain Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE32F Pumpkin Seed Bread 12/17.6 oz
02GE38 Lemon Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE39 Festive"Festtags"Cake w/Almond/Hazeln 10/12 oz
02GE40 Marzipan Cake (Chocolate Covered) 10/14 oz
02GE41 Fruit Cake 10/14 oz
02GE42 Choco Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE43 Orange Cake (Chocolate Covered) 10/14 oz
02GE45 Marble Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE46 Kiwi Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE47 Cherry Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE48 Butter Pound Cake "Tia Merry" 8/14 oz
02GE95 Black Forest Cake 12/14 oz
02GE96 Jamaica Rum Cake 12/14 oz
02GE97 Orange Liquor Cake 12/14 oz
02GE98 Amaretto Liquor Cake 12/14 oz
02GE98A Cappucino Cake 12/14 oz
02GE53 Special Selection 10/3.5 oz
02GE54 Florentines(Almonds/Hazeln.& Milk Choc) 10/3.5 oz
02GE54A Florentines(Almonds/Hazeln.&Dark Choc)) 10/3.5 oz
02GE56 Almond Horns w/Chocolate Tips 10/3.5 oz
02GE57 Mixed Wafers (Eiswaffel Mix) 16/3 oz
02GE58 Bienenstich (Beehive Creams) 10/3.5 oz
02GE58A Schwarzwaelder Kirsch Cookies 10/3.5 oz
02GE60 Melange Fine Biscuits, Red Bag 12/17.5 oz
02GE62 Favorit Assorted Wafers, Blue Bag 12/14 oz
02GE63 Wafers & Cookies "Black Magic", Bag 12/17.5 oz
02GE66 Waffel, Milk , Box "Finesse" 20/3.5 oz
02GE67 Waffel, Bittersweet, Box "Finesse" 20/3.5 oz
02GE64 Spritzgeback Rings/Shortbr. Cookies, Box 20/14 oz
02GE75 Butterkeks (Biscuits) 24/8.75 oz
02GE80 Marzipan Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE82 Chocolate/Herren Ck(Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE84 Lemon Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE85 Marble Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE87 Cherry Cake (Chocolate Covered) 8/14 oz
02GE88 Fruit Cake 8/14 oz
02GE89X Chocolate Spekulatius Cookies 19/7.1 oz
02GE90 Spekulatius Butter Cookies 19/7.1 oz
02GE90A Pfeffernuesse (w/WhiteSugar Coating) 24/7.1 oz
02GE90B Aachener Krauter-Printen (No Choc.) 18/7 oz
02GE90G Dessert Spitzkuchen(Dark. Choc.Covered) 24/3.5 oz
02GE90I Cinnamon Stars 16/6.2 oz
02GE90C Gingerbread Heart (Choc. Covered) 46/5.3 oz
02GE90H Contrella Lebkuchen (Choc.Covered) 24/7.1 oz
02GE90D Honig Saftprinten (Choc. Covered) 23/3.5 oz
02GE90E Mandelprinten (Dark Choc. Covered) 24/3.5 oz
02GE90F Nuss Honig Saftprinten(Choc. Covered) 24/3.5 oz
02GE89 DUPLO Chocolate Wafers 28x10/18 g
02GE89A HANUTA Hazelnut Wafers 36x12/25 g
02HO01 Dutch Special Syrup Wafer 24/9 oz
02HO02 Bolletje Holland Crispbread 24/3.5 oz
02HO03 Bolletje Honey Cake 15/12.2 oz
02HO05 Ruiter Bakers Speculaas 20/14 oz
02HO06 Ruiter Almond Speculaas 20/14 oz
02NO01 Kavli Crispbread, Thick 12/5.5 oz
02NO02 Kavli Crispbread, Thin 12/5.5 oz
02NO03 Kavli Crispbread, Golden Rye 12/5.2 oz
02NO03A Kavli Crispbread, 5-Grain 12/5.2 oz
02NO04 Kavli Crispbread, Western w/Chili&Garlic 12/5.2 oz
02NO05 Kavli Crispbread w/Pesto 12/5.2 oz
02NO06 Ideal Flatbread, Extra Thin 14/370 gr
02NO07 Korni Flatbread, Extra Thin 12/10.5 oz
02NO09 Ideal Home Baked Bread "Okologisk" 18/350 gr
02NO20 Norwegian Lefse "Viking Bread" 8/12.3 oz
02SW07 Swedish Gingersnaps (Pepperkakor) 12/175 gr
02SW07A Julia Marie Biscuits 28/7 oz
02SW08 Ballerina Cookies w/Nougat Filling 24/6.3 oz
02SW09 Singoalla Cookies w/Raspberry Filling 24/6.7 oz
02SW10C KORSNAS Crispbread Round 9/24.5 oz
02SW20 Light Rye #32261 12/9.5 oz
02SW21 Sourdough Rye #34061 12/9.7 oz
02SW24 Hearty Rye #37037 12/9.7 oz
02SW25 Crisp & Light Wheat 7 Grain #41001 10/4.9 oz
02SW26 Whole Wheat #59628 12/8.2 oz
02SW30 Oats #00700 12/9.3 oz
02SW31 Fiber Rye #35075 12/8.1 oz
02SW32 Sesame Seeds #00707 12/7.0 oz
02SW33 Multi Grain #00703 12/9.7 oz
02SZ01 Chocolate Covered Wafers 24/1.76 oz
02SZ03 Mocha Chocolate Wafers 24/1.76 oz
02SZ04 L'Orange Chocolate Wafers 24/1.76 oz
02SZ02 Chocolate Cream Wafers 12/5.25 oz
02SZ02A Vanilla Cream Wafers 12/5.25 oz
02SZ02C Lemon Cream Wafers 12/5.25 oz
02US02 MRS. OLSEN'S Potato Lefse 16/9.6 oz

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