Number Product Unit / Size
19GE01 Springform Pan 11 inch
19GE01A Springform Set 11 inch
19GE02 Springform Pan 10 inch
19GE02A Springform Set 10 inch
19GE03 Springform Pan 9 inch
19GE04 Springform Pan 8 inch
19GE05 Springform Pan 7 inch
19GE07 Bundtform Heavy Gauge Tin Plate 8.5 inch
19GE09 Fruit Flan Pan w/Recessed Bottom 11 inch
19GE11 Loaf Pan 12 inch
19GE12 Loaf Pan 10 inch
19GE13 Loaf Pan 14 inch
19GE15 Decorating Set (Spritzbeutel)
19GE16 Nutmeg Grater (Muskatreibe)
19GE17 Lemon Grater (Zitronenreibe)
19GE18 All Purpose Grater (Universalhobel)
19GE20 Collared Beef Rings (Rouladenringe) 6 pcs/pk
19GE21 Meat Skewers (Rouladennadeln) 10 pcs/p
19GE22 Kull Spaetzle Presse
19GE23 Measuring Cups Plastic
19GE24 Tongs for Fire Bowl (Feuerzange)
19GE25 Cookie Cutters (Flowers, Stars, Hearts, 6 pcs/se
19GE26 Cookie Cutters, Ring Set 6 pcs/se
19GE27 Candle Holders for X-M Tree, Silver 10 pc se
19GE27A Candle Holders for X-M Tree, Gold 10 pc se
19GE28 Red Candles for Christmas Tree 20/pc pk
19GE29 White Candles for Christmas Tree 20/pc pk
19GE75 Persil Detergent (18 washes per bucket) 1.34 kg
19NO02C Gas Ring For Waffle Iron 6/pc
19NO09 Cheese Slicer, Wood #A-3
19NO11 Cheese Slicer, Wood #508-3
19NO14 Cheese Slicer, Wood #710-3
19NO15 Cheese Slicer, Stainless Steel #508-2
19NO75 KRYSTAL GREEN FLUID SOAP, Bottle 20/.75 ltr

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