Number Product Unit / Size
17GE01 Pompadour Gluehwein Spices "Gluehfix" 20/10's
17GE05 Camomile Tea 10/20's
17GE06 Peppermint Tea 10/20's
17GE07 Rosehip Tea 10/20's
17GE08 Fruit Tea 12/20's
17GE09 Fennel Tea 10/20's
17GE10 Camomile Tea 12/50's
17GE11 Peppermint Tea 12/50's
17GE12 Rosehip Tea 12/50's
17SZ01 Herb Blend, Regular, Drum, Instant 6/7 oz
17SZ02 Lemon Mint, Drum, Instant 6/7 oz
17SZ02A Green Tea, Drum, Instant 6/7 oz
17SZ03 Night & Day, Drum, Instant 12/7 oz
17SZ04 Herb Tea w/Elderflower, Instant 12/7 oz

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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