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Haram-Christensen Corporation


Number Product Unit / Size
12AU30 Seville Bitter Orange 12/16 oz
12AU31 Plum Boehmische Art 12/16 oz
12AU32 Garden Strawberry 12/16 oz
12AU33 Raspberry/ Wald Himbeer 12/16 oz
12AU34 Apricots/Rosen Marillen 12/16 oz
12AU35 Tiroler Blueberries 12/16 oz
12AU36 Schwarzwaelder Black Cherry 12/16 oz
12AU37 Red Currant/ Rote Ribisel 12/16 oz
12AU38 Strawberry/Orange 12/16 oz
12AU39 Rosehip/ Feine Hagebutten 12/16 oz
12AU40 Sour Cherry/Maraska Weichsel 12/16 oz
12AU41 Blackberry & Black Currant 12/16 oz
12AU42 Black Currant 12/16 oz
12AU46 Lingonberries 12/14 oz
12AU47 Forest Berries 12/16 oz
12AU48 Four Berry Preserves w/Rum (Rumtopf) 12/16 oz
12AU46A Lingonberries, Fancy Jar 6/600 gr
12AU46C Forrest Berries Preserves, Fancy Jar 6/640 gr
12AU30A Seville Bitter Orange 60/1 oz
12AU30B Diet Orange 60/1 oz
12AU32A Garden Strawberry 60/1 oz
12AU32B Diet Strawberry 60/1 oz
12AU33A Raspberry/Wald Himbeer 60/1 oz
12AU34A Apricots/ Rosen Marillen 60/1 oz
12AU35A Black Currant (Replaces Blueberry) 60/1 oz
12AU36A Schwarzwaelder Black Cherry 60/1 oz
12AU37C Raspb.,Apricot, Sr. Cherry, Strawb.,Blueb. 100/.9 oz
12AU30D Orange PAIL 4/5 kg
12AU32D Strawberry PAIL 4/5 kg
12AU33D Raspberry PAIL 4/5 kg
12AU34D Apricot PAIL 4/5 kg
12AU35D Blueberry PAIL 4/5 kg
12AU41D Blackberry-Black Currant PAIL 4/5 kg
12GE01 Goebber Rote Gruetze Jar 12/17. oz
12GE06 Grafschafter Apple/Pear Butter Jar 12/16 oz
12GE07 Graftschafter Plum Butter Jar 12/16 oz
12GE08 Grafschafter Pear Butter Jar 12/16 oz
12GE11 Grafschafter Sugarbeet Syrup Jar 12/16 oz
12GE12 Grafschafter Apple Butter/Apfelkraut Jar 12/16 oz
12GE09 Lands Apfelkraut Silver/Gold Tin 12/16 oz
12GE10 Maintal Rosehip Jam Jar 10/12 oz
12GE10A Maintal Quince Jelly Jar 10/12 oz
12GE30 Maintal Rosehip Jam in Bear Jar 10/12.3 oz
12GE32 Maintal Cranberry Preserve 10/16 oz
12GE14 SCHUMANN Plum Jam Tin 12/15.8 oz
12GE15 Gooseberry Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE16 Red Currant Jelly 10/12 oz
12GE17 Plum Butter 10/12 oz
12GE18 Raspberry Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE19 Strawberry Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE20 Sour Cherry Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE21 Black Currant Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE22 Apricot Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE24 Red Currant Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE28 Blueberry Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE29 Rosehip Preserves 10/12 oz
12GE31 Wild Lingonberries 10/12.3 oz
12GE25 Nut Nougat Spread - 10% Nut Content 12/14 oz
12GE50 Strawberry Preserves 6/15.2 oz
12GE51 Apricot Preserves 6/15.2 oz
12GE52 Sour Cherry Preserves 6/15.2 oz
12GE54 Blueberry Preserves 6/15.2 oz
12GE55 Orange Preserves 6/15.2 oz
12GE57 Quince Jelly 6/15.2 oz
12GE58 Raspberry-Blackberry Jelly 6/15.2 oz
12GE59 Black Currant Preserves 6/15.2 oz
12GE60 Plum Butter 6/15.2 oz
12IT01 Nutella Nut Nougat Spread Jar 15/13 oz
12IT02 Nutella Nut Nougat Spread Jar 12/26.5 oz
12NO01 Nugatti Chocolate Spread, Pl. Cont. 16/250 gr
12NO10 Blueberry Jam 10/375 gr
12NO11 Raspberry Jam 10/375 gr
12NO12 Strawberry Jam 10/375 gr
12NO13 Cloudberry Jam 10/375 gr
12SW01 Lingonberries Jar 12/14 oz
12SW02 Lingonberries Plastic Pail 1/11 lbs
12SW04 Lingonberry Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW05 Lingonberry Bulk Pail 6/3.3 lbs
12SW04A Blueberry Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW06 Gooseberry Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW07 Queens Blend (Raspberry/Blueberry) Jar 15/14 oz
12SW08 Black Currant Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW11B Cloudberries (Multer) Jar 15/14.1 oz
12AU10 Apricot 56/37 g
12AU11 Strawberry 56/37 g
12AU12 Raspberry 56/37 g
12AU13 Blueberry 56/37 g
12AU14 Orange 56/37 g
12AU14A Black Cherry 56/37 g
12AU15 Honey 56/37 g
12AU26 Blood Orange Spread 56/37 g
12AU26A Kiwi-Gooseberry Spread 56/37 g
12AU26B Pineapple Spread 56/37 g
12AU26C Tropic Spread 56/37 g
12AU16 Apricot 56/37 g
12AU16A Orange 56/37 g
12AU16B Raspberry 56/37 g
12AU16C 3-PACK SET (1 pc. each flavor) 3/37 g
12AU60 Apricot 12/330 g
12AU61 Strawberry 12/330 g
12AU62 Elderberry, Plum & Apple 12/330 g
12AU63 Raspberry 12/330 g
12AU64 Orange 12/330 g
12AU65 Blueberry 12/330 g
12AU66 Sour Cherry 12/330 g
12AU67 Blood Orange 12/330 g
12AU68 Green Figs with Almonds 12/330 g
12AU69 Black Cherry with Almonds 12/330 g
12AU70 Pear with Ginger 12/330 g
12PO01 Strawberry 12/16 oz
12PO02 Raspberry 12/16 oz
12PO03 Morello Cherry 12/16 oz
12PO04 Black Currant 12/16 oz
12PO05 Gooseberry Jam 12/16 oz
12PO06 Plum Powidel Jar 12/16 oz
12PO07 Plum Jam 12/16 oz
12PO08 Red Currant 12/16 oz
12PO09 Blackberry 12/16 oz
12PO10 Blueberry 12/16 oz

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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