Number Product Unit / Size
11AU01 Red Grape Juice, Can 24/.33 ltr
11AU02 Black Currant Juice, Tetra Pack w/Spout 12/1 ltr
11AU05 ALMDUDLER Herb Drink, Tin 24/330 ml
11AU05A ALMDUDLER Herb Drink, Bottle 24/500 ml
11AU13 Black Currant Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11AU14 Sour Cherry Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11AU15 Elderberry Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11AU16 Blueberry Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11AU17 Raspberry Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11AU18 Lingonberry Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11AU19 White Elderflower Syrup Long Bottle 6x1/2 ltr
11EN01 Lyles Golden Syrup in Tin 2x12/10. oz
11GE01 KAISERDOM Malt Beverage (Dark) 24/11 oz
11GE01A KAISERDOM Prostel Beverage Non-Alc. 24/11 oz
11GE01B EURUP Energy Drink 24/.25 ltr
11GE01C EURUP Energy Drink, 6 packs 4x6/.25 ltr
11GE02 Apollinaris Mineral Water 12/33.8 oz
11GE03 Carbonated/Sprudel Water 12/33.8 oz
11GE03A Low Carbonated "Stilles Wasser" 12/33.8 oz
11GE03B Sprudel Water, Pl. Bottle 24/17 oz
11GE05 Raspberry Syrup 12/17.6 oz
11GE06 Waldmeister/Woodruff Syrup 12/17.5 oz
11GE20 Germ. Spiced Drink"Bacchus/Gluhwein" 6/1 ltr
11NO01 Solo Orange Soda, Bottle 24/.5 ltr
11NO03 Farris Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 24/.33 ltr
11SW01 Syrup, Light 14/750 ml
11SW02 Syrup, Dark 8/750 ml
11SW04 Glogg Mix 12/17 oz
11SW05 Arrak Punch 6/12 oz
11SW09 Lingonberry Syrup (Hafi) 12/17 oz
11SW10 Black Currant Syrup (Onos) 12/17 oz
11SW11 Raspberry (Hallon) Syrup (Onos) 12/650 ml
11SW12 White Elderflower Syrup (Hafi) 12/650 ml
11AU50 Raspberry 6/500 m
11AU51 Black Currant 6/500 m
11AU52 Blood Orange 6/500 m
11AU53 Pink Grapefruit 6/500 m
11AU54 Sour Cherry 6/500 m
11AU55 Elderflower Cocktail, Jar 12/228 m
11PO01 Aronia Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO02 Blueberry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO03 Strawberry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO04 Black Currant Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO05 Raspberry Syrup 6/33.8 oz
11PO06 Morello Cherry Syrup 6/33.8 oz

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