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Haram-Christensen Corporation


Number Product Unit / Size
10AU01 Fritsch Farina Dumplings 25/2.82 oz
10GE01 Potato Dumpling Mix 24/6.8 oz
10GE02 Potato Pancake Mix 24/6.8 oz
10GE03 Shredded Dumpling Mix 24/7.9 oz
10GE04 Shredded Pancake Mix 24/5.8 oz
10GE13 Spaetzle 12/9 oz
10GE21A Black Forest Extra Broad Noodles 18/8.8 oz
10GE22 Black Forest Spaetzle #00883 30/8.8 oz
10GE21C German RIESA Egg Macaroni 20/17.5 oz
10GE19 Nockerlgriess (3 packs @ 83 1/3 grams) 30/250 gr
10GE21 Goldstar Thin Noodles 15/500 gr
10GE21B Goldstar Extra Broad Noodles 10/17.5 oz
10GE22A BECHTLE Posthorn Noodles 15/17.5 oz
10GE20 Swabian Spaetzle Noodles, Box 12/9 oz
10GE20A Bavarian Knoepfle/Spaetzle Noodles 12/17.5 oz
10GE22B Broad Egg Noodles (Bandnudeln) 12/17.5 oz
10GE25A Swabian Knoepfle Bulk 4/2.5 kg
10GE27 Swabian Spaeztle, Bag, "Clipbeutel" 12/17.5 oz
10GE27A Black Forest/Hofbauer Style Spaetzle 12/17.5 oz
10GE28 Thin Noodles (Fadennudeln) 12/17.5 oz
10GE28A Besbarmak Noodles 20/17.5 oz
10GE29 Maccaroni 20/17.5 oz
10GE23 Swabian Eierspaetzle 10/17.5 oz
10GE23A Swabian Eierspaetzle Bulk (5 kg carton) 2/2.5 kg
10GE24 Riehle Hofbauer Spaetzle 15/17.5 oz
10GE24A Hofbauer Spaetzle Bulk 1/5 kg
10GE24B Hofbauer Spaetzle Bulk 3/2.5 kg
10GE30 Zimmermann Gruenkern Whole 16/8.75 oz
10GE31 Zimmermann Gruenkern Ground 16/8.75 oz
10GE32 German Potato Starch 10/17.5 oz
10GE35 Mondamin Corn Starch Powder 16/14.1 oz
10GE38 Kaiserschmarrn (Waffle Mix) 22/4.4 oz
10GE39 Potato Dough Mix (Kartoffelteig) 10/9.9 oz
10GE40 Bread Dumplings in Bags 14/7 oz
10GE41 Potato Dumpling Mix (Half & Half) 24/11 oz
10GE41A Potato Dumpling Mix, Bulk 4/5.5 lbs
10GE42 Milchreis "Rice Pudding" 22/4.4 oz
10GE43 Traditional Bavarian Dumpling Mix 24/11.6 oz
10GE44 Mashed Potato (Flocken Puree) 12/12.2 oz
10GE44A Potato Dumpl Half & Half/Cooking Bag (6) 18/7 oz
10GE45 Roesti 10/14 oz
10GE46 Bratkartoffeln (Home Fries) 10/14 oz
10GE47 Thuringian Dumplings (Raw & Cooked) 24/8.3 oz
10GE48 Griessbrei/Semolina Porridge 22/2.9 oz
10GE07 Instant Potato Soup 20/2.8 oz
10GE49 Bohemian Dumplings 16/9.7 oz
10GE50 Raw Potato Dumplings (8's) 20/7.8 oz
10GE51 Raw Potato Dumplings in Bag (6 pcs) 12/6.9 oz
10GE52 Potato Pancakes (15's) 20/5.3 oz
10GE53 Kaiserschmarrn (Waffle Mix) 12/19,9 oz
10GE54 Eierkuchen Mix 12/8.8 oz
10GE55 Crepes Mix 12/8.8 oz
10SW12 Felix Cucumber Sliced Jar 15/370 gr
10SW13 Felix Red Beets, Sliced Jar 12/560 gr
10SW14 Felix Red Cabbage Jar 12/550 gr
10US02 Potato Starch, Bulk 55 lb
10US03 Norwegian Yellow Peas, Bulk, Bag 22 lb
10US04 HCC Whole Yellow Peas in Bags 12/16 oz
10US05 Lars Yellow Peas in Bags 12/18 oz
10US05A Norw. Green Peas, Bulk, 10 KG BAG 22 lb
10US06 Norw. Brown Beans, Bulk, 10 KG BAG 22 lb
10US07 Norwegian Brown Beans in Bags 30/500 gr
10US08 Lars Brown Beans in Bags 12/18 oz
10US10 Lunds Pancake Mix 12/12 oz
10US12 Swan Potato Starch 12/12 oz

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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