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Haram-Christensen Corporation


Number Product Unit / Size
01SZ03 Emmental Super Cut 2/15 lbs
01SZ04 Gruyere Cut 2/5 lbs
01SZ05 Swiss Fondue 12/14 oz
01SZ08 Sap Sago, Cones 12/3 oz
02SZ01 Chocolate Covered Wafers 24/1.76 oz
02SZ03 Mocha Chocolate Wafers 24/1.76 oz
02SZ04 L'Orange Chocolate Wafers 24/1.76 oz
02SZ02 Chocolate Cream Wafers 12/5.25 oz
02SZ02A Vanilla Cream Wafers 12/5.25 oz
02SZ02C Lemon Cream Wafers 12/5.25 oz
06SZ20 Spaetzle (Little Dumplings) 12/10 oz
06SZ21 Seasoning, Bottle 12/4 oz
06SZ22 Seasoning, Bottle 12/27 oz
06SZ22A Wurze/Seasoning, German,Bottle 6/35 oz
06SZ22B Seasoning/Arome, German, Bottle 6/27 oz
06SZ22C Seasoning/Arome, German, Bottle 24/6.7 oz
06SZ25 Wurze/Seasoning, German, Bottle 24/8.8 oz
06SZ23 Chicken Cubes 24/2.43 oz
06SZ24 Beef Cubes 24/2.32 oz
06SZ01 Onion Soup Mix 12/pc 
06SZ04 Leek Soup Mix 12/pc 
06SZ07 Vegetable Soup Mix 12/pc 
06SZ10 Mushroom Soup Mix 17/pc 
06SZ10A Asparagus Soup Mix 20/pc 
06SZ11 Beef Cubes 24/pc 
06SZ12 Chicken Cubes 24/pc 
06SZ14 Vegetable cubes 24/pc 
06SZ29 Roasted Chicken Gravy 12/pc 
06SZ31 Roast Pork Gravy 12/pc 
06SZ32 Sauce Hollandaise Mix 12/pc 
06SZ33 Sauce Bearnaise Mix 12/pc 
06SZ34 Brown Gravy Mix 12/pc 
06SZ37 Sauce Au Jus Mix 12/pc 
06SZ43 Goulash Mix/Beef Stew Mix 12/pc 
06SZ44 Sauerbraten Mix/Pot Roast Mix 12/pc 
06SZ49 All Purp. Season./Yellow Shaker(Aromat) 12/pc 
06SZ50 Meat Seasoning Mix/Red Shaker(Aromat) 12/pc 
08SZ01 Herb Seasoning Salt 12/3.2 oz
08SZ02 Herb Seasoning Salt 12/8.8 oz
15SZ01 Cough Drops Herb in Bags 12/3 oz
15SZ02 Cough Drops Herb Sticks 24/1.5 oz
15SZ04 Honey Herb in Bags 12/3 oz
15SZ07 Orange/Echinacea in Bags 12/3 oz
15SZ11 Cherry Brandy Chocolate Bars 12/3.5 oz
15SZ12 Pear Brandy Chocolate Bars 12/3.5 oz
15SZ13 Cognac Chocolate Bars 12/3.5 oz
15SZ27 Excellence 85% #392851 12/3.5 oz
15SZ28 Excellence 70% #392825 12/3.5 oz
15SZ29 Wafer Bar #406413 12/3.5 oz
15SZ30 Bittersweet (Excellence) #498014 12/3.5 oz
15SZ32 Milk Classic #438281 12/4.4 oz
15SZ33 Excellence Intense Orange #438029 12/3.5 oz
15SZ34 Excellence Intense Pear #392894 12/3.5` oz
15SZ35 White #49805 12/3.5 oz
15SZ36 Dark Hazelnut #498054 12/3.5 oz
15SZ37 Milk Hazelnut, Classic #438280 12/4.4 oz
15SZ38 Milk Almond , Classic #8279 12/4.4 oz
15SZ39 Excellence Toffee Crunch #438028 12/3.5 oz
15SZ40 Pistache #438093 12/3.5 oz
15SZ41 Excellence White Coconut #438020 12/3.5 oz
15SZ42 Excellence Creamy Milk #391144 12/3.5 oz
15SZ44 Orange #438094 12/3.5 oz
15SZ45 Raspberry #400093 12/3.5 oz
15SZ49 Lindor Milk #438357 12/3.5 oz
15SZ50 Lindor Dark #438317 12/3.5 oz
15SZ51 Lindor White #438202 12/3.5 oz
15SZ52 Surfin Dark Gold Bar #8008 10/10.5 oz
15SZ53 Swiss Milk Gold Bar #8049 10/10.5 oz
15SZ54 Milk Hazelnut Gold Bar #8118 10/10.5 oz
15SZ70 Milk Chocolate #33609 20/1.7 oz
15SZ71 Milk Chocolate #20628 12/3.5 oz
15SZ72 Bittersweet Chocolate #2317 12/3.5 oz
15SZ73 White Chocolate #2312 12/3.5 oz
15SZ75 Bittersweet, 70% Cocoa 12/3.5 oz
15SZ76 Milk, Pure Dairy Cream 12/3.5 oz
15SZ77 Truffle, Rich Filling 12/3.5 oz
15SZ78 Milk Chocolate w/Hazelnuts 12/3.5 oz
15SZ79 Dark Chocolate w/Hazelnuts 12/3.5 oz
15SZ90 Munz Milk Chocolate 8/300 gr
15SZ91 Munz Milk Chocolate w/Nuts 8/300 gr
15SZ92 Munz Noir 70% Bitter Chocolate 8/300 gr
17SZ01 Herb Blend, Regular, Drum, Instant 6/7 oz
17SZ02 Lemon Mint, Drum, Instant 6/7 oz
17SZ02A Green Tea, Drum, Instant 6/7 oz
17SZ03 Night & Day, Drum, Instant 12/7 oz
17SZ04 Herb Tea w/Elderflower, Instant 12/7 oz

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire as to the current pricing.

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