Number Product Unit / Size
01SW02 Fontina 1/24 lbs
01SW03 Graddost Style Cheese 12/400 gr
01SW04 Farmers Cheese Plain 12/2.2 lbs
01SW07 "Praest Ost" Cheese 1/28 lbs
01SW08 Vasterbotten 1/40 lbs
02SW07 Swedish Gingersnaps (Pepperkakor) 12/175 gr
02SW07A Julia Marie Biscuits 28/7 oz
02SW08 Ballerina Cookies w/Nougat Filling 24/6.3 oz
02SW09 Singoalla Cookies w/Raspberry Filling 24/6.7 oz
02SW10C KORSNAS Crispbread Round 9/24.5 oz
02SW20 Light Rye #32261 12/9.5 oz
02SW21 Sourdough Rye #34061 12/9.7 oz
02SW24 Hearty Rye #37037 12/9.7 oz
02SW25 Crisp & Light Wheat 7 Grain #41001 10/4.9 oz
02SW26 Whole Wheat #59628 12/8.2 oz
02SW30 Oats #00700 12/9.3 oz
02SW31 Fiber Rye #35075 12/8.1 oz
02SW32 Sesame Seeds #00707 12/7.0 oz
02SW33 Multi Grain #00703 12/9.7 oz
04SW03 Anchovy Spiced Herr. Fillets De Luxe Jar 12/9.5 oz
04SW03A Anchovy Whole Jar 6/20 oz
04SW19 Herring Large Tidbits Anchovy Spiced,Jar 6/20 oz
04SW08 Matjes Tidbits Round Tin 24/7 oz
04SW08A Svensk Matjes Fillet in Oblong Tin 25/7 oz
04SW15B Matjes Tidbits (Large) Jar 6/20 oz
04SW09B PK Matjes Fillets in Dill Pail 6/2 kg
04SW10 PK Tidbits in Dill Jar 10/260 gr
04SW11 PK Tidbits in Tomato Jar 10/260 gr
04SW12 PK Tidbits in Mustard Jar 10/260 gr
04SW13 PK Tidbits w/Onion Jar 10/260 gr
04SW14 PK Tidbits w/Spices (Kryddsill) Jar 10/260 gr
04SW14A PK Tidbits w/Curry Jar 10/260 gr
04SW12A PK Herring in Mustard (Large Pcs) Pail 6/2 kg
04SW12B Herring in Onion (Large Pieces) Pail 2/4.5 lb
04SW12C Herring in Curry (Large Pieces) Pail 2/4.5 lb
04SW12D Herring in Tomato (Large Pieces) Pail 2/4.5 lb
04SW12E PK Herring Tidbits in Dill Pail 6/2 kg
04SW14B Spiced Herring (Krydsill) (Pieces) Pail 2/5 lb
04SW23 Royal Sweden Codroe Spr. Plain,Tube 8/100 gr
04SW25 PK Codroe Caviar Tube 24/100 gr
04SW26 PK Smoked Herring Pate Tube 24/100 gr
04SW15 Herring Tidbits in Cream Sauce, Jar 12/12 oz
04SW16 Herring Tidbits in Wne Sauce, Jar 12/12 oz
04SW38 Black Lumpfish Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW38A Black Capelin Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW38B Black Capelin Caviar Jar 6x6/12 oz
04SW39 Red Lumpfish Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW39A Red Capelin Caviar Jar 4x10/3.5 oz
04SW39B Red Capelin Caviar Jar 6x6/12 oz
04SW40 Salmon Roe Caviar Jar 24/1.8 oz
04SW41 Salmon Roe Caviar Jar 16/3.5 oz
04SW43 LOJROM CAVIAR Jar 30/1.8 oz
04SW46 Salmon Pate Tube 16/5.3 oz
04SW46A Salmon Caviar Jar 6/80 gr
04SW47A KALLES Cav. Codroe Spread Tube 32/6.7 oz
04SW47B KALLES Cav. Codroe Spr. w/Dill Tube 24/6.7 oz
04SW48 Matjes Tidbits Ti 24/7 oz
04SW48A Anchovy Fillet Ti 17/3.5 oz
04SW48B Anchovy Whole Tin 12/15.9 oz
04SW49A Garlic Herring Tidbits Jar 10/7.9 oz
04SW49B Marinated Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW49C Dill Herring Tidbits Ja 10/8.5 oz
04SW49D Onion Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW49E Mustard Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.1 oz
04SW49F Tomato Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW49G Curry Herring Tidbits Jar 12/8.8 oz
04SW49H Aquavit Marinated Herring Tidbits Jar 10/8.5 oz
04SW51 Premium Marinated Herring Jar 6/390 gr
04SW52 Premium Herring w/Onions Jar 6/390 gr
04SW53 Premium Herring in Mustard Jar 6/390 gr
08SW12 Mustard Golden Regular pail 2/5 kg
08SW12A Mustard, Skansk, grain pail 2/5.5 kg
08SW13B Druvan Hovmaster Dill Sauce jar 6/10.6 oz
08SW16 Druvan Mustard, Skansk jar 6/10.5 oz
08SW25 Ekstrom Vanilla Sauce 26/3.2 oz
08SW27 Ekstrom Rosehip Soup 13/5.6 oz
08SW28 Ekstrom Blueberry Soup 26/5.5 oz
09SW10 Druvan Vinegar, Plastic Bottle 6/.75 ltr
09SW11 Sprit Vinegar, Plastic Container 1/10 ltr
10SW12 Felix Cucumber Sliced Jar 15/370 gr
10SW13 Felix Red Beets, Sliced Jar 12/560 gr
10SW14 Felix Red Cabbage Jar 12/550 gr
11SW01 Syrup, Light 14/750 ml
11SW02 Syrup, Dark 8/750 ml
11SW04 Glogg Mix 12/17 oz
11SW05 Arrak Punch 6/12 oz
11SW09 Lingonberry Syrup (Hafi) 12/17 oz
11SW10 Black Currant Syrup (Onos) 12/17 oz
11SW11 Raspberry (Hallon) Syrup (Onos) 12/650 ml
11SW12 White Elderflower Syrup (Hafi) 12/650 ml
12SW01 Lingonberries Jar 12/14 oz
12SW02 Lingonberries Plastic Pail 1/11 lbs
12SW04 Lingonberry Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW05 Lingonberry Bulk Pail 6/3.3 lbs
12SW04A Blueberry Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW06 Gooseberry Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW07 Queens Blend (Raspberry/Blueberry) Jar 15/14 oz
12SW08 Black Currant Preserve Jar 15/14 oz
12SW11B Cloudberries (Multer) Jar 15/14.1 oz
13SW01 Wildflower Honey 10/12.5 oz
15SW01 Pearl Sugar (25 kg bag) 1/55 lbs
15SW03 Pearl Sugar 14/17.5 oz
15SW04 Vanilla Sugar 8/6 oz
15SW20 Milk Chocolate Bars 24/3.5 oz
15SW21 Milk Chocolate Bars w/Nuts 22/3.5 oz
15SW22 Milk Chocolate Rolls 28/2.6 oz
15SW23 Milk Chocolate Rolls w/Nuts 28/2.4 oz
15SW05 Original/Herb Menthol, Box (Dark Green) 24/.87 oz
15SW08 Licorice/Special, Box (Red) 24/.87 oz
15SW10 Lemon, Box (Yellow) 24/.87 oz
15SW13 Cassis/Black Currant, Box (Purple) 24/.87 oz
15SW14 Original/Herb Menthol, Tin (Green) 12/1.13 oz
15SW16 Licorice/Special, Tin (Red) 12/1.13 oz
15SW17 Salvi Tin (Purple) 12/1.13 oz
24SW01 CLASSIC COFFEE 12/17.6 oz

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